[ el-vis ]


  1. a male given name, form of Elwin.

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Example Sentences

It’s why the polio campaign needed both Elvis and the teens next door.

“We’re excited that Elvis lives, but Elvis is getting a bit of a cyborg eyeball,” Jeff Baxter, senior director of research and product development at Erickson, told helicopter industry magazine Vertical in an interview published earlier this month.

Erickson first announced the plan to upgrade Elvis into a drone in January 2020, saying at the time that the plan was for a “pilot optional nighttime firefighting solution.”

In military use, an autonomous machine like Elvis could become a reliable trucking tool for difficult-to-resupply bases.

By the time November came around, more people thought Elvis was alive than the stimulus created a job.

Bill Haley had kicked rock off with “Rock Around the Clock,” but Elvis Presley made it an international phenomenon.

Blues with a country beat, the fusion of black and white, had found its personification in Elvis.

The conversation turned to Elvis when the Duchess mentioned her growing collection of Presley recordings and paraphernalia.

A perennial signature flavor is Flying Elvis: banana ice cream that contains peanut butter and chocolate chunks.

William and Harry, and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice—plus Elvis!