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  1. The stealing of money entrusted to one's care: “The treasurer of the company embezzled a million dollars.”

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Example Sentences

He remains serving a three-year sentence for embezzlement that he was convicted on in May.

Do prior convictions for white-collar crimes like embezzlement constitute significant criminal history?

Dutschke pleaded guilty to embezzlement, according to the newspaper.

Before Crundwell, the largest municipal fraud was also an embezzlement case committed by a woman named Harriette Walters.

The Marquet study showed that the most common embezzlement scheme involved the issuance of forged checks or unauthorized checks.

In a high point of view, it was simple embezzlement; it was little better than a form of swindling.

He was arrested, charged with the embezzlement of thirty-three hundred dollars from the firm which employed him.

It is as certain as anything can be that George Horbury never lost a penny by embezzlement or, indeed, in any other way.

Her husband abused her, and before they had been married a year he ran away to escape a charge of embezzlement.

This might be a case of embezzlement such as he had before known among his younger patrons.


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