[ em-bod-ee ]
/ 蓻m藞b蓲d i /
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verb (used with object), em路bod路ied, em路bod路y路ing.
to give a concrete form to; express, personify, or exemplify in concrete form: to embody an idea in an allegorical painting.
to provide with a body incarnate; make corporeal: to embody a spirit.
to collect into or include in a body; organize; incorporate.
to embrace or comprise.
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Also imbody.

Origin of embody

First recorded in 1540鈥50; em-1 + body


em路bod路i路er, nounpre路em路bod路y, verb (used with object), pre路em路bod路ied, pre路em路bod路y路ing.re路em路bod路y, verb (used with object), re路em路bod路ied, re路em路bod路y路ing.
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How to use embody in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for embody

/ (瑟m藞b蓲d瑟) /

verb -bodies, -bodying or -bodied (tr)
to give a tangible, bodily, or concrete form to (an abstract concept)
to be an example of or express (an idea, principle, etc), esp in actionhis gentleness embodies a Christian ideal
(often foll by in) to collect or unite in a comprehensive whole, system, etc; comprise; includeall the different essays were embodied in one long article
to invest (a spiritual entity) with a body or with bodily form; render incarnate

Derived forms of embody

embodiment, noun
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