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[ em-bohl-dn ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to make bold or bolder; hearten; encourage.


/ ɪmˈbəʊldən /


  1. tr to encourage; make bold

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Word History and Origins

Origin of embolden1

First recorded in 1495–1505; em- 1 + bold + -en 1

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Example Sentences

The well-documented marginalization of India’s Muslim community and its deep enmity with Pakistan have further emboldened the Islamic republic’s military hard-liners.

An idea designed to embolden Democrats ended up flummoxing them, which played out again last night.

At the same time, Turkey’s full-blooded support of Azerbaijan in the conflict has emboldened its capital, Baku, analysts say, and chipped away at Moscow’s influence over the Azeri leadership.

From Ozy

The rush of stimulus spending by developed world governments has emboldened development economists to call for a reconsideration of public sector financing.

The sense that money and technology can overcome nature has emboldened Americans.

With each success the right has seen, they have become more embolden and pushed for even more radical laws.

No strike would only embolden Hezbollah, which could then decide on key military and security appointments in the next government.

Weakening this norm could embolden other regimes to acquire or use chemical weapons.

Embolden your will, hone your mind, and speak the truth as it speaks to you.

Did their increased confidence about Iron Dome embolden Israeli leaders to kill Qaisi?

And I have given this tedious detail to urge and embolden others to remonstrate against it.

It will embolden them to renewed opposition to the will of the loyal masses, believing that they have the Executive with them.

Time and reason will rectify the first; but time, and even reason, will but harden and embolden the latter.

Madam Dupin, amiable as she was, was serious and unanimated; I found nothing in her manners sufficiently alluring to embolden me.

They embolden to further abuse, and they weaken both the power and the effect of disavowal.