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/ ɪmˈbɒst /


  1. having a moulded or carved decoration or design on the surface so that it is raised above the surface in low relief

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Example Sentences

It features on its front and back covers an intricate “original” design, embossed in gold.

One car accident was embossed on our minds as definitive and pivotal.

Still, Molly Parmeter couldn't believe it when a thick embossed letter from Saint James's Palace arrived on her doormat.

The walls are decorated with panels of foil wallpaper embossed with an Asian-​style flower motif.

There were even shirts embossed with a “Parental Advisory Warning” in large type.

Jenny went and returned with an embossed card, "It is a young gentleman—mustache and lavender gloves; oh, such a buck!"

The old man is laboriously reading the same chapter from his old, greasy, and bethumbed embossed Bible.

Then from its embossed sheath Napoleon drew a wonderful sword with a handle in the shape of a golden fleur-de-lis.

She was arrayed in a magnificent silk gown having a long train decorated with embossed flowers.

Peter learned to read with his fingers in 1853, and was given a New Testament with embossed letters.


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