[em-broh-keyt, -bruh-]

verb (used with object), em·bro·cat·ed, em·bro·cat·ing.

to moisten and rub with a liniment or lotion.

Origin of embrocate

1605–15; < Medieval Latin embrocātus (past participle of embrocāre), equivalent to Late Latin embroch(a) (< Greek embrochḗ infusion, equivalent to em- em-2 + brochḗ a making wet) + -ātus -ate1
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Related Words for embrocate

bless, grease, sanctify, rub, smear, daub, consecrate, hallow, embrocate

British Dictionary definitions for embrocate



(tr) to apply a liniment or lotion to (a part of the body)

Word Origin for embrocate

C17: from Medieval Latin embrocāre, from embrocha poultice, from Greek embrokhē lotion, infusion, from brokhē a moistening
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Word Origin and History for embrocate

1610s, from Medieval Latin embrocatus, past participle of embrocare, from Greek embrokhe "lotion, fomentation," from embrekhein, from en (see en- (2)) + brekhein "to water, wet," related to brokhe. Related: Embrocated; embrocating.

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