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[ em-broi-duh-ree, -dree ]


, plural em·broi·der·ies.
  1. the art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver, or other material, upon any woven fabric, leather, paper, etc., with a needle.
  2. embroidered work or ornamentation.
  3. elaboration or embellishment, as in telling a story.


/ ɪmˈbrɔɪdərɪ /


  1. decorative needlework done usually on loosely woven cloth or canvas, often being a picture or pattern
  2. elaboration or exaggeration, esp in writing or reporting; embellishment

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Word History and Origins

Origin of embroidery1

1350–1400; Middle English embrouderie needlework on cloth < Middle French embroud ( er ) + Middle English -erie -ery; oi from embroider

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Example Sentences

The platform has enabled more than 400 artists to sell their handmade pottery, embroidery and jewellery to people around the world.

From Time

The class will be taught by Wafa Ghnaim who began her training in embroidery with her mother at age 2.

This embroidery brand, which began in Brooklyn in 2007 and has since expanded to an office in Wyoming, creates designs that demonstrate a love of wildlife and outdoor fun.

Jayes, a behavioral health therapist, is also an urban farmer and embroidery artist.

Yesterday, somebody left a leaf inside with beautiful embroidery sewn down the side of it.

Vibrant color surfaced in textile and in beading and embroidery.

The 30-piece collection is for on-trend tots, with details including lace, gilded embroidery, and peplums.

Mr. Soni created a range of white clothing and cushions with embroidery using safety pins, melted pearl beads, and fabric strips.

Have you sublimated your sexual urges by learning Latin and Embroidery?

The bead embroidery on the back of her coat said “Revolution.”

She rose comforted, and drawing the baby's cradle out into the veranda, seated herself at her embroidery.

Anyway there was a lot of embroidery on it, full of little holes, which somehow contrived to be extraordinarily fetching.

The Ambassador's hotel was constantly thronged from morning to night by visitors in plumes and embroidery.

Betty heard her greet the man, and then slipped off to her own room and picked up some half-finished embroidery.

He talked with me about his suit, which was made in France, and cost him L200, and very rich it is with embroidery.


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