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[ ih-murj ]

verb (used without object)

, e·merged, e·merg·ing.
  1. to come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity:

    a ghost emerging from the grave;

    a ship emerging from the fog.

  2. to rise or come forth from or as if from water or other liquid.
  3. to come up or arise, as a question or difficulty.
  4. to come into existence; develop.
  5. to rise, as from an inferior or unfortunate state or condition.


/ ɪˈmɜːdʒ /


  1. to come up to the surface of or rise from water or other liquid
  2. to come into view, as from concealment or obscurity

    he emerged from the cave

  3. foll by from to come out (of) or live (through a difficult experience)

    he emerged from his ordeal with dignity

  4. to become apparent

    several interesting things emerged from the report

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Derived Forms

  • eˈmerging, adjective

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Other Words From

  • ree·merge verb (used without object) reemerged reemerging
  • une·merged adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of emerge1

First recorded in 1630–40; from Latin ēmergere “to arise out of,” equivalent to ē- e- 1 + mergere “to dive, sink”

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Word History and Origins

Origin of emerge1

C17: from Latin ēmergere to rise up from, from mergere to dip

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Example Sentences

TikTok has rejected Microsoft’s acquisition bid, and Oracle emerged as the dark horse partner.

From Fortune

While your typical customer journey might depend on your industry and business, chances are good that you can find ways to enhance it with emerging technologies.

Slack is emerging as the de facto remote headquarters for millions of knowledge workers around the world.

From Fortune

It is true that guidance that originally emerged included recommendations against mask-wearing.

To slash emissions affordably, countries around the world—particularly emerging economies with fast-growing energy demand, such as India—will need to make fossil-fuel use cleaner in addition to expanding use of renewables.

In conversation, her ideas emerge at a roiling boil that often takes on a momentum of its own.

With Big Eyes a lot of people, myself included, were glad to see you emerge from the rabbit hole that is the CG world.

But he's immersing himself, creating the density of felt detail from which fine performances emerge.

A cynical old Chicago lawyer once described this as the theory that “out of the clash of lies, truth will emerge.”

This fight looks like it will emerge as the major American wildlife campaign of the decade.

And out of this thicket, alas, no two people ever emerge hand in hand in concord.

Buried, no doubt, in some garret hermitage or studio, they emerge thus weekly to greet silently the passing world.

The shrewd, upright county gentleman was beginning to emerge, oddly, from the Apollo.

But Roger's mother was evidently uneasy, as though Daphne might at any moment spring from the floor, or emerge from the walls.

To see a white sheet of paper disappear for a moment and then emerge covered with letters was beyond their comprehension.


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What are other ways to say emerge?

To emerge is to come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity. How is emerge different from emanate and issue? Find out on

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