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[ ih-mur-juhns ]


  1. the act or process of emerging. emerging.
  2. an outgrowth, as a prickle, on the surface of a plant.
  3. Evolution. the appearance of new properties or species in the course of development or evolution.

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Other Words From

  • none·mergence noun
  • ree·mergence noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of emergence1

First recorded in 1640–50; from French, from Medieval Latin; emergency
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Example Sentences

In a recent report, you foresee the emergence of a “red chain” and “blue chain.”

From Fortune

Issa and Jacob have long sparred with Krvaric and he blamed the video’s emergence as part of an internal party rivalry finally getting some attention.

Such rituals appear to have become established as societies grew increasingly complex with the emergence of agriculture.

A worsening economy, the chaotic handling of the pandemic, and the emergence of an energising opponent have all served to widen the disconnect between the Belarusian president and people.

Online group chats are “replacing the bar or a party as a pick-up zone, and the emergence of online sex parties and mixers is allowing people to dip their toes into worlds they may have been hesitant to explore in the physical realm.”

Thorgerson and Powell turned to video and film—a smart move given the emergence of MTV.

We saw the emergence of fashion designers who specialized in creating abayas.

Instead there was the emergence of a Tea Party movement that brought many traditionally low-propensity voters to the polls.

Nomani said her activism, which took root before the emergence of social media, has often been lonely and isolating.

The emergence of new technology can have the most unexpected results on human behavior.

It was the emergence of his own youth again, as why should it not be, since he had never married and had never dallied!

Great truly, O thou remarkable Dogleech, is this thy day of emergence and new-birth: and yet this same day come four years—!

For the reader very probably, as for most people outside a comparatively small circle, it meant my emergence from obscurity.

It was in closer relations with the United States that this emergence from isolation chiefly manifested itself.

Such traces are abundant in Maori tradition; and they point to a comparatively recent emergence from female kinship.


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