[ ey-muhl, ee-muhl; German ey-meel ]


  1. a male given name: from Latin Aemilius, a family name.

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Example Sentences

They played one last duet, Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” before Emil moved out in February.

From Ozy

Emil Axelsson recreates the classic melody using only his fingers and their super-snapping abilities.

Interview with Emil Savundra In 1967, Frost took on Emil Savundra, a businessman who was eventually convicted of fraud.

Marie and Emil, the tragically thwarted lovers, are penalized with death.

Secretly, however, Marie pines for Emil Bergson, a dreamer and intellect who seems ill-suited to life on a farm.

State senate president Emil Jones, himself a candidate for the seat, noted that Raoul is one of the more modest contenders.

Three years ago he'd found it, a whimpering puppy, on the refuse heap where Emil Gottschalk had tossed it to die.

Franz made a mental map of all the boulders or copses of trees on the course he was taking that Emil might seek.

Take my pistol, for when Emil is found, one shot will announce to all that the search is ended and at the same time bring help.

Then he resumed a kneeling position and continued to help Caesar dig Emil Gottschalk from his snowy couch.

Both of Emil's feet were frozen, and there'd been nothing for it except to take him to the hospital at Martigny.