or Em·i·lie



[ham-uh l-tuh n]
  1. Alexander,1757–1804, American statesman and writer on government: the first Secretary of the Treasury 1789–97; mortally wounded by Aaron Burr in a duel.
  2. Alice,1869–1970, U.S. physician, educator, and toxicologist.
  3. Edith,1867–1963, U.S. classical scholar and writer.
  4. Lady Emma,Amy, or Emily, Lyon, 1765?–1815, mistress of Viscount Nelson.
  5. Sir Ian Standish Mon·teith [mon-teeth] /ˈmɒn tiθ/, 1853–1947, British general.
  6. Sir William,1788–1856, Scottish philosopher.
  7. Sir William Rowan [roh-uh n] /ˈroʊ ən/, 1805–65, Irish mathematician and astronomer.
  8. former name of Churchill River.
  9. Also called Grand River. a river flowing E through S Labrador into the Atlantic. 600 miles (965 km).
  10. Mount, a mountain of the Coast Range in California, near San Jose: site of Lick Observatory. 4209 feet (1283 meters).
  11. a seaport in SE Ontario, in SE Canada, on Lake Ontario.
  12. a city on central North Island, in New Zealand.
  13. an administrative district in the Strathclyde region, in S Scotland. 50 sq. mi. (130 sq. km).
  14. a city in this district, SE of Glasgow.
  15. a city in SW Ohio.
  16. a seaport in and the capital of Bermuda.
  17. a male given name.
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  1. a port in central Canada, in S Ontario on Lake Ontario: iron and steel industry. Pop: 618 820 (2001)
  2. a city in New Zealand, on central North Island. Pop: 129 300 (2004 est)
  3. a town in S Scotland, in South Lanarkshire near Glasgow. Pop: 48 546 (2001)
  4. the capital and chief port of Bermuda. Pop: 3461 (2000)
  5. the former name of Churchill (def. 1)


  1. Alexander. ?1757–1804, American statesman. He was a leader of the Federalists and as first secretary of the Treasury (1789–95) established a federal bank
  2. Lady Emma. ?1765–1815, mistress of Nelson
  3. James, 1st Duke of Hamilton. 1606–49, Scottish supporter of Charles I in the English Civil War: defeated by Cromwell at the Battle of Preston and executed
  4. Lewis (Carl) . born 1985, English racing driver; Formula One world champion (2008)
  5. Richard. 1922–2011, British artist: a pioneer of the pop art style
  6. Sir William Rowan. 1805–65, Irish mathematician: founded Hamiltonian mechanics and formulated the theory of quaternions
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also Emilia, fem. proper name, from French Émilie, from Latin Aemilia; see Emil.

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[hăməl-tən]Alice 1869-1970
  1. American toxicologist and physician known for her research on occupational poisons and her book Industrial Poisons in the United States (1925).
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