[ em-ee ]
/ ˈɛm i /
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noun, plural Em·mys.
(sometimes lowercase) any of several statuettes awarded annually by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for excellence in television programming, production, or performance.
Also Emmie . a female given name, form of Emma.
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Emmy , Grammy, Oscar, Tony
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What are the Emmys?

The Emmys is another name for the Emmy Awards, an annual award ceremony to honor excellence in television programming and production.

The name Emmys most commonly refers to the Primetime Emmy Awards, which honor primetime programming, but there are also other events devoted to specific forms of programming, including the Daytime Emmys, the Sports Emmys, and the News and Documentary Emmys.

The statuette awarded to winners is officially called an Emmy Award but is often referred to as an Emmy for short. The plural form Emmys is commonly used. Primetime Emmys are awarded to actors, writers, and to those in technical and production roles, as well as for specific series, including for drama, comedy, variety, and limited series.

The Emmy Awards are held by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, an organization for television industry professionals that’s often simply called the Television Academy.

When are the Emmys?

The 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards will be held on September 19. They are usually held in September.

The Daytime Emmys are typically held in April, May, or June. The Sports Emmys are typically held in May. The News and Documentary Emmys are usually held in late September or early October.

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The organization that became known as the Television Academy was established in Los Angeles in 1946, joining with a New York-based organization in 1955 and becoming the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The first Emmy Awards ceremony was held in 1949. The name of the award derives from the term immy, short for image-orthicon, a camera tube used in early television production. It was changed to the name Emmy since the statuette is in the form of a winged female figure meant to depict one of the Greek Muses of art. The ball she’s holding is meant to represent an atom, symbolizing the scientific aspect of the medium.

The first Emmys were focused specifically on Los Angeles county local programming. The first ever Emmy Award was an Outstanding Personality award presented to ventriloquist Shirley Dinsdale.

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The Emmys are considered the one of the top awards for television. The name Emmys is commonly used for both the ceremony and the awards.

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Emmys are awarded only for scripted series.

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British Dictionary definitions for Emmy

/ (ˈɛmɪ) /

noun plural -mys or -mies
(in the US) one of the gold-plated statuettes awarded annually for outstanding television performances and productions

Word Origin for Emmy

C20: alteration of Immy, short for image orthicon tube
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