emotional incontinence

[ ih-moh-shuh-nl in-kon-tn-uhns ]

  1. a condition characterized by uncontrolled outbursts of laughing and crying, often associated with brain damage. Abbreviation: EI

Origin of emotional incontinence

First recorded in 1875–80
  • Also called pseu·do·bul·bar af·fect [soo-doh-buhl-bahr af-ekt], /ˌsu doʊˈbʌl bɑr ˈæf ɛkt/, PBA, e·mo·tion·al la·bil·i·ty [ih-moh-shuh-nl luh-bil-i-tee, ley-], /ɪˈmoʊ ʃə nl ləˈbɪl ɪ ti, leɪ-/, EL .

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