[ ahm-puh-nahzh, em-; French ahn-pe-nazh ]
/ ˌɑm pəˈnɑʒ, ˌɛm-; French ɑ̃ pɛˈnaʒ /

noun, plural em·pen·nag·es [ahm-puh-nah-zhiz, em-; French ahn-pe-nazh] /ˌɑm pəˈnɑ ʒɪz, ˌɛm-; French ɑ̃ pɛˈnaʒ/.

the rear part of an airplane or airship, usually comprising the stabilizer, elevator, vertical fin, and rudder.

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Origin of empennage

1905–10; < French: literally, feathering, equivalent to empenn(er) to feather an arrow (em- em-1 + -penner, derivative of penne feather; see pen1) + -age -age

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/ (ɛmˈpɛnɪdʒ, French ɑ̃pɛnaʒ) /


the rear part of an aircraft, comprising the fin, rudder, and tailplane

Word Origin for empennage

C20: from French: feathering, from empenner to feather an arrow, from penne feather, from Latin pinna

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