[ em-fat-ik ]
/ ɛmˈfæt ɪk /



an emphatic consonant.

Origin of emphatic

1700–10; < Greek emphatikós indicative, forceful, equivalent to *emphat(ós) (em- em-2 + phatós, variant of phantós visible, equivalent to phan-, stem of phaínesthai to appear + -tos adj. suffix) + -ikos -ic

Related forms

em·phat·i·cal·ly, adverbem·phat·i·cal·ness, nounun·em·phat·ic, adjectiveun·em·phat·i·cal·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for emphatically (1 of 2)


/ (ɪmˈfætɪkəlɪ, -klɪ) /


with emphasis or force
definitely or unquestionably

British Dictionary definitions for emphatically (2 of 2)


/ (ɪmˈfætɪk) /


expressed, spoken, or done with emphasis
forceful and positive; definite; directan emphatic personality
sharp or clear in form, contour, or outline
important or significant; stressedthe emphatic points in an argument
phonetics denoting certain dental consonants of Arabic that are pronounced with accompanying pharyngeal constriction


phonetics an emphatic consonant, as used in Arabic

Word Origin for emphatic

C18: from Greek emphatikos expressive, forceful, from emphainein to exhibit, display, from phainein to show
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