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/ ɪmˈpaʊəmənt /


  1. the giving or delegation of power or authority; authorization
  2. the giving of an ability; enablement or permission
  3. (in South Africa) a policy of providing special opportunities in employment, training, etc for Black people and others disadvantaged under apartheid

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Example Sentences

As her empowerment grows in proportion to her escalating measurements, Hayes and her newfound agency inflict the kind of damage on society that, years later, Phyllis Schlafly warned the Equal Rights Amendment would wreak.

From Ozy

The tears were of joy and gratitude, and Agrawal’s experiment of empowerment had succeeded.

From Ozy

Having a genuine conversation about female empowerment before Prime Minister Abe was basically impossible in Japan, now even the most established and conservative companies are engaging in this structural reform.

From Fortune

They have reached a new level of empowerment as they are not dependent on the outside world to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle.

Yet for a vivid decade or so, sleaze was, somewhat paradoxically, a force for literacy and empowerment.

She is also head of the Sabancı Foundation, which conducts female-empowerment programs for women in rural Turkey.

The mission is to teach any person to use technology for independence and empowerment no matter where they are located.

The Coalition is comprised of labor unions, anti-war activists, clergy, and so-called black empowerment groups.

When A-LIFE began, Page was working on an education and empowerment project with young girls in Liberia.

The pragmatics that overrides the need for literacy is based on individual empowerment.

Empowerment Zones have been creating these opportunities for five years now.

For the sake of its enrichment and its empowerment he subjected himself to rigorous disciplines.

There is no higher form of empowerment than in the fulfillment of our individual possibilities.

Empowerment means to facilitate developments that maintain distinctions and result from differences, instead of uniformity.