[ em-pur-puhl ]
/ ɛmˈpɜr pəl /
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verb (used with or without object), em·pur·pled, em·pur·pling.

to color or become purple or purplish.
to darken or redden; flush.



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Origin of empurple

First recorded in 1580–90; em-1 + purple
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  • He hated them with a ferocity which made veins stand out upon his temples and fury empurple his skin.

    The Hate Disease|William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • But the moments vent by, and still no hideous stain rose to empurple the green translucent plain of liquid light.

    A Veldt Official|Bertram Mitford
  • It must have taken innumerable hogsheads of his thin vintage to empurple his face in this manner.

  • Magnificent weather, one of those sun risings that empurple landscapes, left the river all its limpid serenity.

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