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[ en-ey-buhld ]


  1. Digital Technology. equipped for a specified extended, peripheral, or premium use (used in combination): web-enabled cell phones.

    a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat;

    web-enabled cell phones.

  2. noting or relating to a person living with a physical or mental disability who uses adaptive tools or assistive technology to engage in everyday activities and share public and private spaces with others:

    Enabled employees are granted reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Example Sentences

The post Google AdSense related search experiments re-enabled appeared first on Search Engine Land.

Hospitals in the future will look far more tech-enabled and consumer-focused — when patients are actually even getting care in a hospital building itself.

From Axios

That enabled the same plot of land—and the same amount of water—to produce a much larger crop.

The nature of the mobile-enabled swarmcast means it appear to be degraded, but it has really only reconfigured.

The Sopranos happened at a time when the Internet was here, was with us, and I think it enabled a land grab to take place.

And that enabled me to slot in the shooting of the first two episodes [of The Divide] in that.

That development enabled the persistence of the accelerating pace that started with biological evolution.

He thus decoyed them away, and the fortunate couple were enabled to reach the British lines under cover of the darkness.

It had this advantage: that it enabled her to stand where he might not watch her face without turning his head.

Trevithick's high-pressure steam boring engine enabled him to penetrate the rock five times as fast as the quarryman's power.

John Dickinson saw the matter in the same light, a light which his superior abilities enabled him to portray in more lurid colors.

Castiglione added to his laurels, for it was his handling of the artillery that enabled Augereau to win his great victory.


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