[ ih-nam-erd ]
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  1. charmed or captivated (usually followed by of, with, or sometimes by):Small children are always enamored of anything new to learn or discover.

  2. in love (usually followed by of or sometimes with):She became enamored with him because of his power and success, and they had an affair.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of enamor.

Origin of enamored

  • Also especially British, en·am·our .

Other words from enamored

  • en·am·ored·ness; especially British, en·am·oured·ness, noun
  • half-en·am·ored; especially British, half-en·am·oured, adjective
  • o·ver·en·am·ored; especially British, o·ver·en·am·oured, adjective
  • self-en·am·ored; especially British, self-en·am·oured, adjective
  • un·en·am·ored; especially British, un·en·am·oured, adjective

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