[en-sef-uh-luh-graf, -grahf]

noun Medicine/Medical.

an encephalogram.

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Origin of encephalograph

First recorded in 1930–35; encephalo- + -graph

Related formsen·ceph·a·lo·graph·ic [en-sef-uh-luh-graf-ik] /ɛnˌsɛf ə ləˈgræf ɪk/, adjectiveen·ceph·a·lo·graph·i·cal·ly, adverben·ceph·a·log·ra·phy [en-sef-uh-log-ruh-fee] /ɛnˌsɛf əˈlɒg rə fi/, noun

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Examples from the Web for encephalograph

  • The helmet makes contact with the skull in those spots where the probes of the encephalograph are placed.

    The Fourth R|George Oliver Smith
  • The ax came down on the encephalograph and Berry burst into tears and allowed Titus to lead him away.

British Dictionary definitions for encephalograph



any other apparatus used to produce an encephalogram
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Medicine definitions for encephalograph


[ĕn-sĕfə-lə-grăf′, -ə-lō-]


An encephalogram.
An electroencephalogram.

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