[ en-sef-uh-loh-mahy-oh-kahr-dahy-tis ]
/ ɛnˈsɛf ə loʊˌmaɪ oʊ kɑrˈdaɪ tɪs /

noun Pathology.

a viral infection of the central nervous system and skeletal and heart muscle causing degeneration of tissue.

Origin of encephalomyocarditis

First recorded in 1945–50; encephalo- + myocarditis
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Medical definitions for encephalomyocarditis

[ ĕn-sĕf′ə-lō-mī′ō-kär-dītĭs ]


An acute viral disease characterized by inflammation and degeneration of skeletal and cardiac muscle and lesions of the central nervous system.
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