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[ en-chant-muhnt, -chahnt- ]


  1. the art, act, or an instance of enchanting. enchanting.

    Synonyms: witchery, fascination, sorcery, magic

  2. the state of being enchanted.
  3. something that enchants:

    Music is an enchantment that never fails.

    Synonyms: charm, spell


/ ɪnˈtʃɑːntmənt /


  1. the act of enchanting or state of being enchanted
  2. a magic spell or act of witchcraft
  3. great charm or fascination

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Word History and Origins

Origin of enchantment1

1250–1300; Middle English enchantement < Anglo-French, Old French < Latin incantāmentum. See enchant, -ment

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Example Sentences

As you gather more materials, you’ll move up to stone, iron, and eventually diamond equipment, while learning how to create enchantments and potions.

If Phil is cruel, his intelligence is off the charts—and even he is capable of succumbing to enchantment.

From Time

Each year, the Land of Enchantment sees a handful of cases, in both humans and animals, like dogs and rats.

Galileo also understood that while the Church had the pomp and magic of decades of art and music, science had the enchantment of a new invention—the telescope.

Any book that tries to do justice to Keats must be beautiful at least a fair bit of the time, and “Keats’s Odes,” particularly when its author allows herself to be carried by the force of her enchantment with the poems, satisfies that requirement.

But I also want jazz to be loved and enjoyed, to serve as a source of enchantment and delight.

A century apart, Paul Rosolie and Henry Walter Bates describe their abiding enchantment with the Amazon.

But as the years go on, you learn about the oily machinery that manufactures all that enchantment.

A prime enchantment was that tourists never visit the Statue of Liberty by night, so there was no electricity on the island.

This is true magic—the enchantment of love, memory, obsession, and the flawed attempts of human beings to understand themselves.

He, Bastien-Lepage, painter of the soil, found himself unable to transfer to canvas the enchantment of that land of fairy tale!

Realm of enchantment, break your mystic spell, Land of the lotus, smiling land farewell!

The hard-hearted executor of the law was brought within the influence of her enchantment.

Do these gentlemen really feel the thunderclap or the enchantment of an object of art?

If you can work magic, why don't you break the enchantment you are under and return to your proper form?


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