[ en-kleyv, ahn- ]
/ ˈɛn kleɪv, ˈɑn- /


a country, or especially, an outlying portion of a country, entirely or mostly surrounded by the territory of another country.
any small, distinct area or group enclosed or isolated within a larger one: a Chinese-speaking enclave in London.

verb (used with object), en·claved, en·clav·ing.

to isolate or enclose (especially territory) within a foreign or uncongenial environment; make an enclave of: The desert enclaved the little settlement.

Origin of enclave

1865–70; < French, Middle French, noun derivative of enclaver < Vulgar Latin *inclāvāre to lock in, equivalent to Latin in- in-2 + clāv(is) key + -āre infinitive suffix
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British Dictionary definitions for enclave

/ (ˈɛnkleɪv) /


a part of a country entirely surrounded by foreign territory: viewed from the position of the surrounding territoriesCompare exclave

Word Origin for enclave

C19: from French, from Old French enclaver to enclose, from Vulgar Latin inclāvāre (unattested) to lock up, from Latin in- ² + clavis key
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Medicine definitions for enclave

[ ĕnklāv′, ŏn- ]


A detached mass of tissue enclosed in tissue of another kind.
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