[ en-kohd ]
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verb (used with object),en·cod·ed, en·cod·ing.
  1. to convert (a message, information, etc.) into code.

Origin of encode

First recorded in 1930–35; en-1 + code

Other words from encode

  • en·cod·a·ble, adjective
  • en·code·ment, noun
  • en·cod·er, noun
  • mis·en·code, verb (used with object), mis·en·cod·ed, mis·en·cod·ing.

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How to use encode in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for encode


/ (ɪnˈkəʊd) /

  1. to convert (a message) from plain text into code

  2. computing to convert (characters and symbols) into a digital form as a series of impulses: Compare decode (def. 2)

  1. to convert (an electrical signal) into a form suitable for transmission

  2. to convert (a nerve signal) into a form that can be received by the brain

  3. to use (a word, phrase, etc, esp of a foreign language) in the construction appropriate to it in that language

Derived forms of encode

  • encodement, noun
  • encoder, noun

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Scientific definitions for encode


[ ĕn-kōd ]

  1. To specify the genetic code for the synthesis of a protein molecule or a part of a protein molecule.

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