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[ en-kroh-ching ]


  1. advancing beyond proper, accepted, or usual limits; making gradual inroads into or onto something:

    We cleared out the encroaching weeds along the edge of the driveway and trimmed the plantain trees.

  2. trespassing on the property, domain, or rights of another, especially stealthily or gradually:

    The hill forts in the British Isles were probably built by the native Britons to defend themselves against encroaching enemy tribes.

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  • un·en·croach·ing adjective

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Example Sentences

Yet even with that information in hand, the report’s unidentified author expressed concern that the FBI might be encroaching on free speech rights.

If we allow the principle of digital sovereignty to encroach further, cloud service providers will be bound by national interests, and consumers will bear significant costs.

I began to miss rural Pennsylvania as the pandemic encroached into summer.

From Eater

The flexibility did carry an occasional side effect of home life encroaching on the working world, and vice versa, often providing a uniquely 2020 kind of amusement.

The timing of the regulatory changes proposed by Beijing was a statement unto itself, since it encroached on Singles Day, the ultimate showcase of Alibaba’s sway.

From Fortune

The parallels Hong Kong readers find between the encroaching Titans and China have made it a huge success there.

“Scorched earth,” historically, means destroying land to deprive the encroaching enemy of its use.

“I realized these rude people were encroaching upon my personal life—my own fault, mind you—for opening the door,” he said.

When he falls in love with human Grace, he must fight the encroaching winter and the change it will bring.

Or will this encroaching uneasiness with Obama stay limited to this one snapshot in time in this one Southern state?

Mr. Campbell smiled and said, "she is encroaching on your goodness already, Madam, and would bring all my family with her."

Encroaching upon functions of subordinates prohibited; orders to be definite.

The dense shadows as yet unconquered by the encroaching whiteness gave the Campagna the aspect of a desert.

Islam has neither intention nor design of encroaching upon the spiritual preserves of Christendom.

In no long time after this the town was wholly absorbed by the encroaching waters.