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[ en-krohch-muhnt ]


  1. an act or instance of encroaching.
  2. anything taken by encroaching.

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Other Words From

  • nonen·croachment noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of encroachment1

1425–75; late Middle English encrochement < Anglo-French. See encroach, -ment

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Example Sentences

Some of those workers are insulated by a contract that protects them in some ways from encroachment from gig and contract workers.

In 2019, the highest court in Bangladesh recognized the rights of all rivers and instituted a plan to address illegal river encroachment.

If someone identifies what they really want, achieving it will almost always require some form of restriction, of encroachment on lesser freedoms.

Most recently, the company backed AI Dash, which uses machine learning algorithms to analyze satellite images and infer the encroachment of vegetation on National Grid power lines to avoid outages.

Arrests and citations for encroachment, a violation meant to address wayward trash bins, not humans, spiked 54 percent from 2016 to 2018, according to police data provided after a public records request.

Is this a win for gay rights, or an encroachment on religious liberty?

The increasing pressure to veil is a recent trend, and in some places it is an encroachment on local custom.

Consistent encroachment is pulling sales that would have taken place on Black Friday earlier in the week.

Christian groups have every right to defend themselves against encroachment by the government, and they absolutely should do so.

Mothers who are their own nursemaids have to resist the temporary encroachment of the Quarter's business world.

The present rate of encroachment amounts, I was told, to nearly twelve feet a year.

Treaty of Westphalia mended much of this, and set fair limits to Papist encroachment;—had said Treaty been kept: but how could it?

Thus happily did they guard against every encroachment on the rights of the subject.

A shady byway of judicial encroachment is thus rather surreptitiously indicated.


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