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[ en-deer ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to make dear, esteemed, or beloved:

    He endeared himself to his friends with his gentle ways.

  2. Obsolete. to make costly.


/ ɪnˈdɪə /


  1. tr to cause to be beloved or esteemed

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Other Words From

  • unen·deared adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of endear1

First recorded in 1570–80; en- 1 + dear 1

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Example Sentences

It’s what has endeared him to fans in his second full season with the Mavericks.

Written and produced by Tank, the song samples Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work,” and showcases an intense vulnerability that has endeared him to audiences for over a decade.

That might seem insignificant, but in this world, it says a lot about her and why people were endeared to her.

From Time

Ultimately, the sides met in the middle after all, further endearing both men to the Mets community as having kept the promise implied when Cohen swung the deal for Lindor in the first place.

Like Quinn’s other romances, it’s witty and lush, endearing the reader to this close-knit, imperfect family.

Once discovered, this maneuver did not endear the councilors to their constituents.

Somehow, this did not endear Lonegan to voters, and Booker officially entered the Senate on Oct. 31st.

Her modest celebrity and Manhattan snobberies alternately isolate and endear her to the locals.

If he wants to endear himself to the Republican rank and file out in the heartland, he should change his tune on Obama fast.

These views will undoubtedly endear Perry to the Tea Party faithful.

There was nothing brilliant in her character, but she possessed every quality to endear her to all by whom she was known.

Such a relaxation would greatly endear His Majesty to his subjects.

She is uncompromisingly Anglo-Saxon and lacks that pliability which would endear her to the children of another race.

Moreover, his supercilious manners had not helped to endear him since his arrival.

Yet though they had become, in a sense, intimate, he made on her none of those demands which endear a man to a woman.


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