[ end-lis ]
/ ˈɛnd lɪs /


having or seeming to have no end, limit, or conclusion; boundless; infinite; interminable; incessant: an endless series of complaints; Time is endless.
made continuous, as by joining the two ends of a single length: an endless chain or belt.

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Origin of endless

before 900; Middle English endelees, Old English endelēas. See end1, -less

Related formsend·less·ly, adverbend·less·ness, nounqua·si-end·less, adjectivequa·si-end·less·ly, adverb

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/ (ˈɛndlɪs) /


having or seeming to have no end; eternal or infinite
continuing too long or continually recurring
formed with the ends joinedan endless belt
Derived Formsendlessly, adverbendlessness, noun

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Word Origin and History for endless



Old English endeleas; see end (n.) + -less. Related: Endlessly. Old English used endeleasnes for "infinity, eternity."

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