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noun Zoology.
  1. the inner or medial branch of a two-branched crustacean leg or appendage.
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Also en·do·pod [en-duh-pod] /ˈɛn dəˌpɒd/.

Origin of endopodite

1865–70; endo- + -podite < Greek pod- (stem of poús) foot + -ite1
Related formsen·dop·o·dit·ic [en-dop-uh-dit-ik] /ɛnˌdɒp əˈdɪt ɪk/, adjective
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Historical Examples

  • Endopodite: The inner one of the two main divisions of the limb.

    The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide

    Augusta Foote Arnold

  • The exopodite, however, is much smaller than the endopodite, and it ends in a flexible lash made up of many small segments.

    The Life of Crustacea

    William Thomas Calman

  • Protopodite, endopodite, exopodite, and epipodite were considered to be the morphological units of the crustacean limb.

  • One ramus (the endopodite) alone developed—the original axis or corm serving as its basal joint with or without gnathobase.

  • In many cases, one of the branches, generally the endopodite, is more strongly developed than the other.