[ en-dos-kuh-pee ]
/ ɛnˈdɒs kə pi /

noun, plural en·dos·co·pies.

an examination by means of an endoscope.

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Origin of endoscopy

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Word Origin and History for endoscopy



1861, from endo- + -oscopy (see -scope).

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Medicine definitions for endoscopy


[ ĕn-dŏskə-pē ]


Examination of the interior of a canal or hollow organ by means of an endoscope.
Related formsen•dosco•pist n.

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Science definitions for endoscopy


[ ĕndə-skōp′ ]

A medical instrument used for visual examination of the interior of a body cavity or a hollow organ such as the colon, bladder, or stomach. It is a rigid or flexible tube fitted with lenses, a fiber-optic light source, and often a probe, forceps, suction device, or other apparatus for examination or retrieval of tissue.
Related formsendoscopy noun (ĕn-dŏskə-pē)

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