[ en-doh-thur-mik ]
/ ˌɛn doʊˈθɜr mɪk /


Chemistry. noting or pertaining to a chemical change that is accompanied by an absorption of heat (opposed to exothermic).
Zoology. warm-blooded.
Also en·do·ther·mal [en-doh-thur-muh l] /ˌɛn doʊˈθɜr məl/.

Origin of endothermic

< French endothermique (1879); see endo-, -therm, -ic

OTHER WORDS FROM endothermic

en·do·ther·mi·cal·ly, adverben·do·ther·my, en·do·ther·mism, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for endothermal



/ (ˌɛndəʊˈθɜːmɪk) /


(of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with the absorption of heatCompare exothermic, endoergic

Derived forms of endothermic

endothermically, adverbendothermism, noun
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Medicine definitions for endothermal

[ ĕn′dō-thûrmĭk ]


Of or relating to a chemical reaction during which there is absorption of heat.
Of or relating to an endotherm; warm-blooded.

Other words from endothermic

endo•ther′my n.
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Science definitions for endothermal

[ ĕn′dō-thûrmĭk ]

Relating to a chemical reaction that absorbs heat. Compare exothermic.
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