[ eng-guhl ]


  1. Leh·man [ley, -m, uh, n], 1910–1982, U.S. conductor and composer.

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Example Sentences

Gashi boasts Engel’s endorsement and has outraised Parker $838,000 to $374,000, so he looks like the more serious threat to Bowman.

In this version, Krampus is a demonic presence who punishes people who have lost the Christmas spirit, and he sets the Engel family in his sights.

From Time

Engel is a gifted storyteller whose writing shines even in the darkest corners, which in this case means exploring the pain of a family torn apart after a father’s deportation.

Both Royce and Engel called on the Obama administration to step up its provision of weapons to the Free Syrian Army.

“We want to look away, but we must not,” said ranking Democrat Elliot Engel.

Engel won over the crowd by declaring, “For the record, I am for a no-fly zone.”

That assessment is supported by Rep. Eliot Engel, the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

For the sanctions relief Iran is seeking, they would have to do much more, according to Engel.

Louis the Goon Engel was a mere walk-on in the piece, a spear-carrier doomed to death.

He was still trying to remember it as he lounged down the block from Engel's apartment hotel at 8:10 the next morning.

Engel proceeded north a few blocks, turned into one of the commercial hotels noted for its name band.

There was something wrong about the conservative, penny-saving Engel taking a taxi.

Engel probably had gone upstairs to try and peddle one of his efficiency schemes to some big shot.





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