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[ en-hans-muhnt, -hahns- ]


  1. the state or quality of being elevated, heightened, or increased, as in quality, degree, intensity, or value:

    The latest update brings many performance enhancements, finishing touches, and bug fixes.

    Combining solar power systems with energy storage promises significant cost savings and value enhancements for both technologies.

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  • self-en·hance·ment noun

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Example Sentences

Today, the Bay Area startup has some very different news to share, as it becomes part of Walmart as Walmart has purchased select assets in a bid to enhance its supply chain.

The “game feel” is enhanced with 3D audio and the DualSense haptic feedback.

It improves and enhances the safety of our entire community.

“Your job is to enhance the broadcast, not intrude,” Matalon told him.

Those enhanced measures are designed to halt spread of the virus within teams’ facilities and have applied, to this point, only to those teams with positive coronavirus cases and those known to have been exposed to the virus.

The pursuit of animal enhancement arose from studies made at the dawn of the penicillin era.

Everyone knows that surgical enhancement is part of the drill.

All of these factors are related to cognitive enhancement, but they're difficult to disentangle.

A war memorial is a symbol of conflict resolution, not conflict enhancement.

The picturesque Umbrian hill town of Perugia may have seemed an idyllic setting for cultural and linguistic enhancement.

The emotion which finds its outlet in the dance itself, then seeks a further enhancement through objective means.

Through the enhancement of the qualities of the hero it was then elevated into the sphere of the superhuman.

Thus, art again returns to the being whose ideal enhancement originally gave rise to the hero.

The long wars with France ended in the enhancement of this position by the destruction of the only rival fleet in being.

Yet the enhancement of railway revenues would indeed be enormous from such an increase of freight rates.


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