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verb (used with object),en·rolled, en·rol·ling.
  1. to write the name of (a person) in a roll or register; place upon a list; register: It took two days to enroll the new students.

  2. to enlist (oneself).

  1. to put in a record; record: to enroll the minutes of a meeting; to enroll the great events of history.

  2. to roll or wrap up: fruit enrolled in tissue paper.

  3. Nautical. to document (a U.S. vessel) by issuing a certificate of enrollment.

verb (used without object),en·rolled, en·rol·ling.
  1. to enroll oneself: He enrolled in college last week.

Origin of enroll

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English enrollen, from Old French enroller. See en-1, roll
  • Also especially British, en·rol .

Other words from enroll

  • en·roll·er, noun
  • pre·en·roll, verb
  • re·en·roll, verb

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