[ en-skons ]
/ ɛnˈskɒns /

verb (used with object), en·sconced, en·sconc·ing.

to settle securely or snugly: I found her in the library, ensconced in an armchair.
to cover or shelter; hide securely: He ensconced himself in the closet in order to eavesdrop.

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Origin of ensconce

First recorded in 1580–90; en-1 + sconce2

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/ (ɪnˈskɒns) /

verb (tr; often passive)

to establish or settle firmly or comfortablyensconced in a chair
to place in safety; hide

Word Origin for ensconce

C16: see en- 1, sconce ²

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Word Origin and History for ensconce



1580s, "to cover with a fort," from en- (1) "make, put in" + sconce "small fortification, shelter," perhaps via French, probably from Dutch schans "earthwork" (cf. Middle High German schanze "bundle of sticks"), of uncertain origin. Related: Ensconced.

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