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[ en-soo-ing ]


  1. occurring after something else; subsequent or following:

    You can watch the full lecture and the ensuing discussion on our YouTube channel.

    Over the ensuing millennia, further eruptions continued to shape and give rise to the mountain.

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  • en·su·ing·ly adverb
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Example Sentences

Chan ordered the man to put it down and the ensuing criminal complaint would say that he complied.

In the ensuing years, he was incarcerated on and off for a total of four years.

All known records between Philadelphia and Baltimore were broken during the ensuing five weeks.

The ensuing night gave me the grand migraine of my life, with throbs like the blows of an ax and continuous pinwheels.

In the ensuing nine months, divisions have considerably deepened because of mass atrocities committed by both sides.

Even this exceptional pupil had better carefully study the ensuing examples.

In the ensuing struggle to rise they forgot the dog, the animal rushing out of doors again as swiftly as he had rushed within.

During the ensuing night, having a fresh breeze, we stood first to the westward, and afterwards to the south-east.

The ensuing day the weather was still squally and unsettled.

But it was to be noticed that Scattergood toasted his bare toes a great deal during the ensuing days.


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