Medicine/Medical. ear, nose, and throat.

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a suffix, equivalent to -ant, appearing in nouns and adjectives of Latin origin: accident; different.

Origin of -ent

< Latin -ent- (stem of -ēns), present participle suffix of conjugations 2, 3, 4
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abbreviation for

ear, nose, and throat

British Dictionary definitions for ent (2 of 2)


suffix forming adjectives, suffix forming nouns

causing or performing an action or existing in a certain condition; the agent that performs an actionastringent; dependent

Word Origin for -ent

from Latin -ent-, -ens, present participial ending
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word-forming element making adjectives from nouns or verbs, from French -ent and directly from Latin -entem, present participle ending of verbs in -ere/-ire. Old French changed many to -ant but after c.1500 some of these in English were changed back to what was supposed to be correct Latin.

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ear, nose, and throat
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