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[ en-ter-prahy-zing ]


  1. ready to undertake projects of importance or difficulty, or untried schemes; energetic in carrying out any undertaking:

    Business is in need of enterprising young people.

    Synonyms: adventurous, resourceful, venturesome, venturous

    Antonyms: cautious, timid

  2. characterized by great imagination or initiative:

    an enterprising foreign policy.


/ ˈɛntəˌpraɪzɪŋ /


  1. ready to embark on new ventures; full of boldness and initiative
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Derived Forms

  • ˈenterˌprisingly, adverb
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Other Words From

  • enter·prising·ly adverb
  • non·enter·prising adjective
  • un·enter·prising adjective
  • un·enter·prising·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of enterprising1

First recorded in 1565–75; enterprise + -ing 2
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Example Sentences

While modernizing agriculture is one proposed solution to fixing food insecurity in the city, some of Istanbul’s most enterprising farmers have been leaning on one another.

From Ozy

A trademark application was filed for that name last summer, perhaps by a law firm covertly representing the team or by an enterprising fan hoping to sell it for six figures.

So much so, in fact, that enterprising fans set up their own, remote version of the game during the early months of the pandemic.

From Time

Alex Burdette, a recent hire at Blenko who first reached out to Pavlovic on Instagram, credits the company’s willingness to pair the enterprising spirit of young creatives with institutional knowledge inside its factory.

Conde designed the game through Discord’s open source bot development tools, which allows enterprising gamers to create mods and add-ons to streamline the social experience on their servers.

In any case, some enterprising independent producer might have enough material for a reality-show pilot.

The shift in language and content is click-bait for the enterprising eBay-er.

Even the most enterprising toddler would have a hard time swallowing one.

Even so, the process of globalization began thousands of years ago, thanks especially to the work of enterprising mariners.

But if you look hard enough, you can find some enterprising souls who are doing just that.

Some weeks after, the creditor chanced to be in Boston, and in walking up Tremont street, encountered his enterprising friend.

There was an immediate response among those who were enterprising.

According to Froissart, he was 'esteemed the bravest and most enterprising knight in the two kingdoms.'

Would we have continued an enterprising missionary Church through it all?

Another point—they are far more enterprising than the rich men's sons that preceded this generation—or set, rather.





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