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[ en-trap ]

verb (used with object)

, en·trapped, en·trap·ping.
  1. to catch in or as in a trap; ensnare:

    The hunters used nets to entrap the lion.

    Synonyms: trap, snare, capture

  2. to bring unawares into difficulty or danger:

    He entrapped himself in the web of his own lies.

  3. to lure into performing an act or making a statement that is compromising or illegal.
  4. to draw into contradiction or damaging admission:

    The questioner entrapped her into an admission of guilt.

  5. Law. to catch by entrapment.


/ ɪnˈtræp /


  1. to catch or snare in or as if in a trap
  2. to lure or trick into danger, difficulty, or embarrassment

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Derived Forms

  • enˈtrapper, noun

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Other Words From

  • en·trapper noun
  • en·trapping·ly adverb
  • unen·trapped adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of entrap1

From the Middle French word entraper, dating back to 1525–35. See en- 1, trap 1

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Example Sentences

In the new study, the scientists linked polyethylene glycol hydrogels together to form a molecular mesh, like a soccer net, that they said could entrap compounds like proteins and even entire viruses to prevent them from deforming or aggregating.

It’s 1916, and the members of an occult order have gathered on an English estate for a ritual that they hope will summon Death, so that they can entrap her in an orb and force her to do their bidding.

From Time

It is estimated that over one million animals die each year after ingesting or being entrapped in litter.

At their behest, she worked to entrap Bond but later sacrificed her life in order to save his.

From Time

The “Sunday Mirror” says it was in the ‘public interest’ to entrap a Conservative MP in an elaborate sex sting.

“The feds entrap all the damn time and cover it up one way or the other,” Strickler says.

The lady has come from England on purpose to entrap you; she came last night, and she stays at the Hotel du Louvre.

He tried, in various ways, to entrap the boy, but Frank made no blunders.

Suppose I should unconsciously entrap some magnificent Yankee!

He knows a hundred ingenious tricks to entrap the most obdurate.

He could never have suggested to his own wife that another man had endeavoured to entrap her into a secret correspondence.