[ ahn-truh-mey; French ahn-truh-me ]
/ ˈɑn trəˌmeɪ; French ɑ̃ trəˈmɛ /

noun, plural en·tre·mets [ahn-truh-meyz; French ahn-truh-me] /ˈɑn trəˌmeɪz; French ɑ̃ trəˈmɛ/. (used with a singular or plural verb)

a dish or dishes served at dinner between the principal courses or with the roast or other main course; side dish.
the sweet dishes or dessert course served after a cheese course.

Origin of entremets

1425–75; late Middle English < Middle French; Old French entremes. See inter-, mess
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British Dictionary definitions for entremets

/ (French ɑ̃trəmɛ) /

noun plural -mets (French -mɛ)

a dessert
a light dish, formerly served at formal dinners between the main course and the dessert

Word Origin for entremets

C18: from French, from Old French entremes, from entre- between, inter- + mes dish, mess
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