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[ en-trencht ]


  1. firmly or solidly established; placed in a position of strength:

    One of the most firmly entrenched ideas of masculinity is that men don't cry.

  2. surrounded by trenches dug for defensive purposes:

    Government troops had finally been forced to abandon their entrenched positions, making them vulnerable to ground attack.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of entrench ( def ).

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  • un·en·trenched adjective

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Example Sentences

With a south wind entrenched, it certainly won’t be as cold as last night.

The number of school districts that reported using seclusion, the practice of forcibly isolating a student in a small room or other space, also increased to 138 from 133, underscoring how entrenched the practice has been in the state.

Every one of our claims has an angle emphasizing just how damaging this project is to environmental justice and entrenching racism.

As households and businesses transitioned to extended periods of remote work and school, the mega-platforms further entrenched their positions while smaller rivals stumbled.

The downtrend in the greenback may see a “temporary pause” depending on the election outcome, but its weakness is likely entrenched over the long term, said Seth.

From Fortune

But other groups are still, by all outward appearances, more entrenched.

There is the fact that in many of these states Democratic legislatures are entrenched, and voters are looking for a counterweight.

Jazz is now entrenched in high schools and colleges, and gets honored with Pulitzer Prizes and genius grants.

A few days ago, he criticized his home state of Alabama for its entrenched prejudice.

Football is simply too beloved and entrenched—too big to fail, in essence.

A couple of miles out of the town, in the neighbourhood of La Paz, the entrenched enemy was routed after a slight skirmish.

Peggy had entrenched herself behind the little table on which supper had been laid.

Their armies, under men like Cronje or Joubert, seldom move from strongly-entrenched positions.

The great vassals, veritable sovereigns, entrenched in their duchies, laughed at the impotent authority of the King.

About four o'clock on the afternoon of the 21st, the united forces advanced to attack the entrenched camp of the Sikhs.


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