or en·tre·pot

[ahn-truh-poh; French ahn-truh-poh]

noun, plural en·tre·pôts [ahn-truh-pohz; French ahn-truh-poh] /ˈɑn trəˌpoʊz; French ɑ̃ trəˈpoʊ/.

a warehouse.
a commercial center where goods are received for distribution, transshipment, or repackaging.

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Origin of entrepôt

1715–25; < French, equivalent to entre inter- + pôt < Latin positum, noun use of neuter past participle of pōnere to put, place (modeled on dépôt depot)

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a warehouse for commercial goods
  1. a trading centre or port at a geographically convenient location, at which goods are imported and re-exported without incurring liability for duty
  2. (as modifier)an entrepôt trade

Word Origin for entrepôt

C18: French, from entreposer to put in, from entre- between, inter- + poser to place (see pose 1); formed on the model of depot

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Word Origin and History for entrepot



"warehouse," 1758, from French entrepôt (16c.), from Latin interpositum "that which is placed between," neuter past participle of interponere (see interposition).

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