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[ en-truhst ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to charge or invest with a trust or responsibility; charge with a specified office or duty involving trust:

    We entrusted him with our lives.

  2. to commit (something) in trust to; confide, as for care, use, or performance:

    to entrust a secret, money, powers, or work to another.


/ ɪnˈtrʌst /


  1. usually foll by with to invest or charge (with a duty, responsibility, etc)
  2. often foll by to to put into the care or protection of someone

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It is usually considered incorrect to talk about entrusting someone to do something: the army cannot be trusted (not entrusted ) to carry out orders

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Derived Forms

  • enˈtrustment, noun

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Other Words From

  • en·trustment noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of entrust1

First recorded in 1595–1605; en- 1 + trust

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Example Sentences

At a dire moment for the humanities, when a STEM major looks to many students like the only viable path to repaying their college loans, her colleagues have entrusted her to revitalize the increasingly underfunded, under-enrolled department.

From Time

“Today we come to you, Lord, to entrust the soul of Haiti to your hands,” Jean-Mary said.

Weed shoppers use THC percentages like nutritional labels, purchasing products based on their THC content, yet the lab system entrusted with measuring the compound is vulnerable to corruption.

The bills entrust the FTC to help define rules for how they would be put into practice.

From Digiday

As the years passed and dozens more were entrusted to her care, Owens said she felt that it was what she was meant to do.

“People entrust firearms with their lives,” Kloepfer told me while explaining his biometric gun.

John will not be around much longer and so he must entrust the child to their safe-keeping.

The IOC members must possess tremendous faith to entrust the Games to Sochi in the face of such obstacles!

So, no, I would not entrust my money to them, because it is clear that they do not feel any fiduciary responsibility to me.

Yet whenever a new threat arose, those questions would be set aside, and Congress would entrust the bureau with new powers.

Still, he said, if France desired to entrust her independence and glory to one man she could choose none better than Bonaparte.

I have not been able to read these pages, and have been compelled to entrust their revision to other eyes and other hands.

If you are obliged to entrust it to a strange nurse, you shall make her a reasonable allowance.

It was to their credit that they sought out godly men, to whom they might entrust the cure of souls.

He found there would be little difficulty in prevailing on Major Bridgenorth to entrust him with the guardianship of his daughter.