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[ en-vahy-ruhn-muhn-tl, -vahy-ern- ]


  1. of or relating to the totality of things, conditions, influences, cultural forces, etc., that surround and shape the life of a person or a population:

    Investigators in the study will examine possible associations between aggressive prostate cancer and exposures to environmental stressors such as discrimination, early-life adversity, and segregation.

  2. Ecology. of or relating to all the external conditions, such as air, water, minerals, and other organisms, that surround and affect any given organism, often specifically relating to human interaction with these conditions:

    She took 11 lake samples to identify the fish communities present there and the defining environmental factors, like dissolved oxygen, pH, and vegetation.

    Agriculture is now a dominant force behind many environmental threats, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and the degradation of land and fresh water.

  3. of or being art that surrounds the viewer or involves the viewer’s participation, often on a grand scale and outdoors:

    Our programs include an exhibition of global art, public lectures on birds, and a collaborative outdoor installation of environmental art.

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Other Words From

  • en·vi·ron·men·tal·ly adverb
  • in·ter·en·vi·ron·men·tal adjective
  • non·en·vi·ron·men·tal adjective
  • non·en·vi·ron·men·tal·ly adverb
  • pre·en·vi·ron·men·tal adjective
  • pro·en·vi·ron·men·tal adjective

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Example Sentences

They’re happening in airports, in schools, and increasingly in retail environments like shops and restaurants.

From Quartz

The extended phenotype doesn’t just extend into the environment and into the minds of other species but, importantly, into the minds of members of the same species.

The goal, says Seager, was to help “plug a hole” in thinking about this environment.

They may warn about chemicals in your food, house, clothes or environment.

However, if everything about your environment stays static, there’s a strong likelihood that your good intentions won’t manifest into new behaviors.

From Fortune

What they believe impacts economic policy, foreign policy, education policy, environmental policy, you name it.

All other issues—racial, feminine, even environmental—need to fit around this central objective.

The island faces an environmental challenge of huge proportions.

Although tough environmental controls were put in place in 2000, enforcement has been haphazard.

It has allowed the project to bypass normal due diligence and environmental impact assessments.

Such an attitude favors an easy escape from both the labor of character building and the obligations of environmental salvation.

Those individualistic tendencies growing out of periodic changes of the environment may be called environmental instincts.

The crabs and worms conceivably are two of the environmental features inhospitable to the rats.

Therefore it is never superfluous to study the individuals environmental conditions, surroundings, all his outer influences.

The color pattern changes in the course of development, and the shade of color changes in response to environmental conditions.


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More About Environmental

What does environmental mean?

Environmental means of or relating to all the things that surround us and influence our lives, as in For some people, environmental stressors included how crowded a room is and how loud the noise is.

In ecology, environmental also means of or relating to all external conditions that surround an organism, such as air, water, and minerals. When someone talks about climate change and its environmental impact, they mean that as the average temperature of the Earth changes, it affects the environment, such as through soil erosion, flooding, and more.

Less often, environmental describes something that surrounds the viewer or encourages their participation, as with some outdoor art.

Example: The environmental damage this project will cause might be unreasonable.

Where does environmental come from?

The first records of the term environmental come from around 1870. It combines the term environment, meaning “surroundings,” and the suffix al, meaning “of the kind of, pertaining to, or having the form or character of.”

Thanks to climate change, many professions now have environmental specialities, such as environmental lawyers and environmental engineers. These professions are concerned with the changing environment and its impact on the Earth and human life.

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What are some other forms related to environmental?

  • environmentally (adverb)
  • interenvironmental (adjective)
  • nonenvironmental (adjective)
  • nonenvironmentally (adverb)

What are some synonyms for environmental?

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How is environmental used in real life?

Environmental is commonly used in the ecological sense.

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The environmental lawyer helped the business manage the cleanup of the pollution it had caused.




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