or ep·au·lette

[ep-uh-let, -lit, ep-uh-let]


an ornamental shoulder piece worn on uniforms, chiefly by military officers.

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Origin of epaulet

1775–85; < French épaulette, equivalent to épaule shoulder (< Latin spatula blade; see spatula) + -ette -ette

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US epaulet


a piece of ornamental material on the shoulder of a garment, esp a military uniform

Word Origin for epaulette

C18: from French épaulette, from épaule shoulder, from Latin spatula shoulder blade; see spatula

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Word Origin and History for epaulette



1783, from French épaulette (16c.), diminutive of épaule "shoulder," from Old French espaule (12c.), from Latin spatula "flat piece of wood, splint," later "shoulder blade," diminutive of spatha "broad wooden instrument, broad sword," from Greek spathe "a broad flat sword" (see spade (n.1)).

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