[ ep-uh n-sef-uh-lon, -luh n ]
/ ˌɛp ənˈsɛf əˌlɒn, -lən /

noun, plural ep·en·ceph·a·lons, ep·en·ceph·a·la [ep-uh n-sef-uh-luh] /ˌɛp ənˈsɛf ə lə/. Anatomy.

the hindbrain.

Origin of epencephalon

First recorded in 1850–55; ep- + encephalon

OTHER WORDS FROM epencephalon

ep·en·ce·phal·ic [ep-uh n-suh-fal-ik] /ˌɛp ən səˈfæl ɪk/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for epencephalon

/ (ˌɛpɛnˈsɛfəˌlɒn) /

noun plural -la (-lə) anatomy

the cerebellum and pons Varolii
the part of the embryonic brain that develops into this; metencephalon

Derived forms of epencephalon

epencephalic (ˌɛpɛnsɛˈfælɪk), adjective

Word Origin for epencephalon

C19: New Latin; see epi-, encephalon
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