[ ih-fed-ruh, ef-i-druh ]
/ ɪˈfɛd rə, ˈɛf ɪ drə /


any of various plants of the genus Ephedra, growing in dry regions and having branching stems with dry scalelike leaves.

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Origin of ephedra

< New Latin (Linnaeus) < Greek ephédra the horsetail plant, literally, sitting (upon a place), equivalent to ep- ep- + hédra seat, sitting (see cathedra)

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/ (ɪˈfɛdrə) /


any gymnosperm shrub of the genus Ephedra, of warm regions of America and Eurasia: the source of ephedrine: family Ephedraceae, phylum Gnetophyta

Word Origin for ephedra

C18: New Latin, from Latin, from Greek ephedros a sitting upon, from epi- + hedra seat

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Word Origin and History for ephedra



genus of low, branchy desert shrubs, 1914, from Modern Latin (1737) from Greek ephedra, a name given by Pliny to the horsetail, literally "sitting upon," from fem. of ephedros, from epi "on" (see epi-) + hedra "seat, base, chair, face of a geometric solid" (see sedentary). The reason for the name is not known.

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