[ ih-fem-uh-ron, -er-uhn ]
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noun,plural e·phem·er·a [ih-fem-er-uh], /ɪˈfɛm ər ə/, e·phem·er·ons.
  1. anything short-lived or ephemeral.

  2. ephemera, items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, especially pamphlets, notices, tickets, etc.

Origin of ephemeron

1570–80; <Greek ephḗmeron short-lived insect, noun use of neuter of ephḗmeros;see ephemeral

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How to use ephemeron in a sentence

  • Its three hundred and sixty-five years were now as but the day of the ephemeron.

    The Sand-Hills of Jutland | Hans Christian Andersen
  • Like the ephemeron fly, they are born suddenly, and may be expected to die as soon.

    Thoughts on Man | William Godwin
  • The airy nothing of a sigh bears often a pastoral world or an orcus on its ephemeron's-wing.

    Titan: A Romance v. 1 (of 2) | Jean Paul Friedrich Richter
  • The scent was so strong that the ephemeron was almost intoxicated by it.

    The Sand-Hills of Jutland | Hans Christian Andersen

British Dictionary definitions for ephemeron


/ (ɪˈfɛməˌrɒn) /

nounplural -era (-ərə) or -erons
  1. (usually plural) something transitory or short-lived

Origin of ephemeron

C16: see ephemeral

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