[ ep-uh-fuh-nom-uh-nl-iz-uh m ]
/ ˌɛp ə fəˈnɒm ə nlˌɪz əm /


the doctrine that consciousness is merely an epiphenomenon of physiological processes, and that it has no power to affect these processes.

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Origin of epiphenomenalism

First recorded in 1895–1900; epi- + phenomenalism

OTHER WORDS FROM epiphenomenalism

ep·i·phe·nom·e·nal·ist, noun
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  • Bergson however has more to assert than merely the inadequacy and falsity of Parallelism or Epiphenomenalism.

    Bergson and His Philosophy|J. Alexander Gunn

British Dictionary definitions for epiphenomenalism

/ (ˌɛpɪfɪˈnɒmɪnəˌlɪzəm) /


the dualistic doctrine that consciousness is merely a by-product of physiological processes and has no power to affect themCompare interactionism, parallelism

Derived forms of epiphenomenalism

epiphenomenalist, noun, adjective
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