[ ep-uh-foh-nee-muh ]
/ ˌɛp ə foʊˈni mə /

noun, plural ep·i·pho·ne·mas, ep·i·pho·ne·mae [ep-uh-foh-nee-mee] /ˌɛp ə foʊˈni mi/. Rhetoric.

a sentence that is an exclamation, a general or striking comment, or a succinct summary of what has previously been said.

Origin of epiphonema

1570–80; < Latin epiphōnēma exclamation < Greek epiphṓnēma. See epi-, phoneme
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Examples from the Web for epiphonema

  • It has no passage quite up to the Invocation—Epiphonema, to give it the technical term—of the later poem.